Letzte Woche hat die Bilingual AG ihr Video für den Bundeswettbewerb Fremdsprachen abgeschickt. Zu der BILI-AG gehören Samira (6d), Milica und Marlene (6f) und Selenne und Seraphina aus der 6a. Sie haben erst mal viele Ideen gesammelt und sie dann in dem Video umgesetzt. Über mehrere Wochen arbeiteten sie mit viel Elan an ihrem Projekt ‚Billie around the World‘.

Aber worum genau ging es?

“Everyone has a different cultural background” – That is the topic of our project. In our group, everyone has parents from a different country or has even lived in another country for a longer period of time. Thus, we were planning to explain different festivals that are typical for the countries we have relations to in our clip. The countries were introduced to the guests by the sock puppet ‘Billie’.  At first came Serbia: Milica had especially prepared the table for her guests. She explained everything to Billie about Sava´s day and went to Russia with Billie. There it was the time of Masliniza, the Butter-festival. Next destination was Afghanistan, where at that time you celebrated Nowruz, an Afghan festival. Samira came with him, to the final room, the USA, where they learned everything about Thanksgiving.

Bilingual AG